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Myths of Leadership Failure

Myths of Leadership

These are the myths of leadership failure. My apologies but then…

Due respect to the leadership coach but I strongly disagree to these myths which negate optimism and pro activity in leading. If anything these are managerial mental failures which when harnessed under the regime of collaborative leadership can all be easily brushed aside.

Inability to Organize Detail This is the last of the leadership functions after you have approached your issues with  systems approach. It is a managerial function of visualizing the innards of a problem which your technical  and domain knowledge will give you. Don’t begin with the details as a leader –  that is a low end managerial function. First get the bigger picture straight and spell out your intent unambiguously after due deliberation with your team.

Unwillingness to Do what you ask of others This is true but not very important in a trusting team which has mutual confidence in each other. Trying to prove you can do it better may result in complacency or antagonism from the team. “You think you can do it better” starts inter personal rivalries. Yes the leader must put his shoulder to the wheel and demonstrate the capability to dirty his hands, when required, but as a routine let your team flower.

Expectation of Pay Knowing and doing can only be harmonized in a collaborative leadership environment. The word “they” should principally be corrected with “us or we” – then you will automatically rise to your level of competence. It is the leaders role to empower the team to transcend issues such as pay in favor of performance – pay would follow. Sack the leader if he can not measure up.

Fear of Competition This is the most misunderstood concept in leadership. Your leadership and its dedication is dependent on only one factor and that is your own out put. Leaders who perform unmindful of the competition and develop blue ocean strategies for their teams stand apart and do not have to worry about any competition – even from arch rivals in businesses or life functions.

The rest are academic issues which can be labelled under poor leadership skills and styles. Selfless leaders rise highest – others also run.

Choice is yours whether you want to follow point by point manuals or harmonize your larger construct as a leader transcending trivia. The day you develop the third eye to look with in and understand your own power – these one minute myths will not matter any more.

Being is more important than Becoming