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Fire in the Belly, Song on the Lips

When we look back at ourselves with in the construct of the Laws of Attraction of the Secret and now the wisdom of The Power, one thing stands tall.

If the purpose of life is happiness why not attract it that with all your might and will it to come to you. Obvious and simple. I am not going to delve into the philosophy any more but explain a team’s orientation towards fun and balance within the parameters of organisational behavior.

Leadership and team building have been viewed, discussed and dissected from all possible angles in business theories. However,when we apply the Laws of Attraction differently to our work and personal lives, we reach a stage of perpetual discord. Then there is a perennial disconnect created in lives because of the conflicting laws at work and home. In the bargain both suffer.

In all my experiences in life I have observed this disconnect with ones higher self, in the garb of utopian aspirations, the biggest bane in organisational failures. Since teams are led by individuals and comprise individuals, the work environment should some how connect with the life environment.

It is the quest for unrealistic aspirations which lead the individuals, teams and organisations to grief. Leaders, often sacrifice life goals for organisational goals. This results in a serious conflict of interests with the self and the teams and organisation suffers in the quality of output they deliver.

We often watch hierarchies blaming each other depending on the direction they are looking at or from because the sense of self preservation and self promotion has

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as soles

transcended the larger life goal –  which is happiness. Hence the guys on top view every one below as crap and those looking up claim they only see assholes. A perfect recipe for disaster!

It is therefore imperative that leaders and teams at all times have the desired fire in their bellys and a song on their lips harmonizing the work and life needs towards happiness. The formula invariably works to the betterment of personal and organisational needs.

To achieve this, the leaders  need to display this crucial characteristics with in the ambit of leading from the front. Once the leader applies this to himself , the team and the organisation automatically resonates with a fire in the belly and a song on the lips attracting only the best results.

“A fire in the belly is a champion for the ridiculous. It keeps you going day after day, stroke after stroke, step after step. You have to keep going in order to honor yourself. The fire gives you the courage to fly in the face of a world that values products more than people and the bottom line more than somebody’s tender dreams.” – How Much Joy Can You Stand?  a great book about igniting personal creativity by Suzanne Falter-Barnes.

Try it…it works and that’s when you get that feeling in the pit of your stomach to get on with it, wherever..whenever. It is infectious