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Eleven Cs of Engagement

Leaders Listen Passionately


Active Listening is the Greatest Learning Tool

Often we hear leaders chatter on endlessly about their “intent”, “visions” and how the teams should flower under their tutelage. They never tire of torturing an audience till the organisation tires out of the “How” that the leader explains with such disdain each time he gets an opportunity. This is accentuated if the employees only get to listen to the leader and are seldom allowed the latitude to articulate their own aspirations and visions about either the task at hand,  the organisation or the team.

When they listen, they “hear” with a view to out talk the led. Such leaders start the cycle of cynicism in an organisation, especially when the leaders are not able to Walk their Talks. Teams hang on to every word, motion or activity of the leader. While a blabbering leader may forget what he said yesterday – the team remembers – and thus starts the Chinese whisper in an organisation, disempowering the teams across verticals.

Good leaders listen and listen actively to absorb the aspirations and callings of each member of the team. This helps them find each team member’s true calling. There is nothing more motivating in an environment where a team member feels confident to explain his point of view succinctly and without parental oversights by the leader. This simple habit of the leader energises the team members and motivates them with an optimism that their views would be heard passionately towards the larger good of the organisation. They then push the envelope as active participants in the growth of the organisation.

It is true that leadership and mentoring are not a one-size-fits-all propositions. “Different strokes for different folks” is more like it. Some people need a lot of direction or hand-holding; others need autonomy and freedom to experiment and grow. Some team members may need different things at different times, depending on challenges that arise, the level of difficulty in job assignments, and the ebb and flow of motivation. Amongst all these variations, leaders can rarely afford to stop listening passionately- it helps keeping their ears to the ground and invert the pyramid in an environment of trust and mutual respect.

This passion is contagious across all levels of leaders and the led, where leaders automatically produce leaders and not mere followers. This creates an enabling environment where the “why” overrides the “how” and unleashes the true potential of each team member.

Active listening accentuates an organisation’s trajectory in geometric progression and provides the leader with the most vital component of organisational success – feedback.

As they say in the military, “passionate leaders lead by actions not words”.

Humility and Perseverance

Getting good at getting along with people is a great book. A learning resource for every leader who aspires to achieve his vision through collaborative participation of his team. Amongst  great visions of bottom lines and productivity, organisations take their eyes off the ball in leading their visions through the power of their people.

The ultimate character of an orgnisation and its leaders ,therefore, is in investing in its people through humility and perseverance. These two essential organizational qualities transcend known performance enhancement matrices and catapult the leaders to an all together different dimension of governance. These two allow you to balance your life needs with the organisational goals and enable organisations to excel.

Positively controlled and managed anger, at times, can yield results in the short term but somehow leave an unsavory taste in the mouth. They cause a disconnect deep within where trust is eroded and perseverance suffers.

Humility and perseverance are thus the hall marks of all good organisations. These organisations get good at getting along with people who celebrate life in a multidimensional approach.

Profits follow

Fire in the Belly, Song on the Lips

When we look back at ourselves with in the construct of the Laws of Attraction of the Secret and now the wisdom of The Power, one thing stands tall.

If the purpose of life is happiness why not attract it that with all your might and will it to come to you. Obvious and simple. I am not going to delve into the philosophy any more but explain a team’s orientation towards fun and balance within the parameters of organisational behavior.

Leadership and team building have been viewed, discussed and dissected from all possible angles in business theories. However,when we apply the Laws of Attraction differently to our work and personal lives, we reach a stage of perpetual discord. Then there is a perennial disconnect created in lives because of the conflicting laws at work and home. In the bargain both suffer.

In all my experiences in life I have observed this disconnect with ones higher self, in the garb of utopian aspirations, the biggest bane in organisational failures. Since teams are led by individuals and comprise individuals, the work environment should some how connect with the life environment.

It is the quest for unrealistic aspirations which lead the individuals, teams and organisations to grief. Leaders, often sacrifice life goals for organisational goals. This results in a serious conflict of interests with the self and the teams and organisation suffers in the quality of output they deliver.

We often watch hierarchies blaming each other depending on the direction they are looking at or from because the sense of self preservation and self promotion has

Differentiating crap from

as soles

transcended the larger life goal –  which is happiness. Hence the guys on top view every one below as crap and those looking up claim they only see assholes. A perfect recipe for disaster!

It is therefore imperative that leaders and teams at all times have the desired fire in their bellys and a song on their lips harmonizing the work and life needs towards happiness. The formula invariably works to the betterment of personal and organisational needs.

To achieve this, the leaders  need to display this crucial characteristics with in the ambit of leading from the front. Once the leader applies this to himself , the team and the organisation automatically resonates with a fire in the belly and a song on the lips attracting only the best results.

“A fire in the belly is a champion for the ridiculous. It keeps you going day after day, stroke after stroke, step after step. You have to keep going in order to honor yourself. The fire gives you the courage to fly in the face of a world that values products more than people and the bottom line more than somebody’s tender dreams.” – How Much Joy Can You Stand?  a great book about igniting personal creativity by Suzanne Falter-Barnes.

Try it…it works and that’s when you get that feeling in the pit of your stomach to get on with it, wherever..whenever. It is infectious