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Remembering Gandhi – Becoming the Change

On Gandhi Jayanti our tribute to the greatest inspirational leader who became the change he wanted to see.

Some of his words from TOI collection

No power on earth can
subjugate you when you
are armed with
It ennobles both the vic-
tor and the vanquished.


A principle is the expres-
sion of perfection, and as
imperfect beings like us
cannot practise perfec-
tion, we devise every
moment limits of its
compromise in practice.


A vow is a purely
religious act which
cannot be taken in a fit
of passion. It can be taken
only with a mind puri-
fied and composed and
God as witness.


All compromise is based
on give and take, but
there can be no give and
take on fundamentals.
Any compromise on
mere fundamentals is
surrender. For, it is all
give and no take.


Always aim at complete
harmony of thought and
word and deed. Always
aim at purifying your
thoughts and everything
will be well.

Mohandas Karamchand

The man who continues to drive leadership pradigms with his ageless philosophies in words and deeds


Nature’s Lessons on Leadership

These are fascinating pictures by Threesh Kapoor a passionate leader in nature photography in India and abroad. Pictures explain the larger aim of omnipresent power of laws of nature to teach us…take a break and learn from the nature as you enjoy it

I am sure you experienced the power of nature as I did.