Mother of all Leadership Mantras -Intent

As discussed through posts on swarming and management of change, the takeoff point in any organisation is the intent. Everything else depends on it.

Definition of Intent: “Something that is intended; an aim or purpose”. Often in the quest for quick bucks in business or overwhelmed by routine or career compulsions, leaders assume every one understands the “vision” and “mission” displayed on all walls of the organisation so they would understand intent as well.

Statements of Vision and Mission are good but they largely serve to impress clients. Intent is specific overarching statement of purpose with in the ambit of vision and mission which provides clarity to all members of the team to focus on.

If the intent is to make money – the team may use all means and methods, however disdainful, to achieve the intent of the leader. This intent by nomination thus sets in an organisational culture that corrupts the branding of people and the organisation.

On the otherhand, if the intent is to generate value for the customer – money will automatically flow. A lot therefore depends upon how employees comprehend the intent in pursuence of the larger good of the organisation.

A leader therefore has to articulate the intent unambiguously to all members of his team. This is especially true outside the board room where the edges at the bottom of the pyramid (who generate value for the company with the customers), need to clearly comprehend the intent. It is the WHY of the team, they will navigate through the HOW themselves, if suitably empowered.

Without a clear intent we often see organisations sweating furiously at the treadmill – going nowhere.


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