Keep it Simple

Tips for Keeping it Simple and Sane from Walk the Talk

  • Thoughts can accumulate like old, dusty house clutter, and provide you with an excuse not to move forward with your life, but to dwell in the familiar.
  • Quit thinking about what you “should” have done. If you could have done it differently, you would have.
  • You must first be mentally balanced to achieve a total healthy balance in your life.
  • Consider words that you believe define you, words that you have heard others use to describe you, words that come from past memories, and old words that might once have been used to describe you. Are there words you are holding on to that caused you to sacrifice other, more positive words? You have the power to change those words, but it’s a choice you have to make for yourself.
  • Engage in every aspect of life that you can, and enjoy the ride. Accept the helping hands of travelers who have gone before you, and when you become a traveler, be ready to offer your own hand to those that need guidance in their own rides.
  • The Difference Between Try and Triumph is Just A Little Umph!

This is truly inspirational if applied without fear or favour. Technically the reward and punishment systems that we follow in organisations complicate things. Rewards to some diempower more while punishment dis-empowers the group. Tough Choices to keep it simple


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Love leadership and friends is all one needs to leave foot prints in the sands of I rant

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  1. The KISS rules you have stated – Keep It Simple Stoopid – make practical sense. Compliments.

    So far as the leadership paradigm is concerned, you offer interesting thoughts in your philosophical musings…Leadership , after all, existed much before these restrictive groupings that define leadership today, came in.

    Wonder how one would today interpret the leadership offered by disparate personalities such as Krishna, Alexander, Gautama Buddha, Aryabhatta, the Christ, Muhammad, Gandhi, Zain Ul Abidin…how well do they fit into the leadership types we are aware of, and the model suggested by nature?

    How does one define the leadership offered by a Mother to her son, to her daughter…is her model, Natures model, or is it Heroic, Transactional, Transformational, Situational? A mix of all these?!

    There are answers out there in the ionosphere… in the ether…tucked away in the pages of civilisation…someone somewhere has surely reasoned these answers out…Personally, I seek them too… main aur meri tanhai; aksar yeh baatein karte hain…to borrow from Madhushala and the great baritone…one just has to be patient, observant, persevering…

    One answer that seems common to my untutored mind is that love…pure selfless love…timeless, endless love, appears to transcend all leadership models…it may finally be, that it is an astonishing tool whose presence we take for granted and whose absence we scarcely note, and yet it matters so much as either to make a leadership model succeed – or destroy it. Love as in job, love as in life and its enchanting uncertainties, love as in occupation, love as in challenges…not so much love as a metaphor for sex though that matters too; love as in mitti, naam, namak, nishan…
    Raj Mehta

  2. Set SMART Goals

    To be truly successful, you need to set and pursue SMART goals. Write them down, and then check them to make sure they are:

    Specific (detailed not general)
    Measurable (can be tracked and inspected)
    Achievable (realistic even if challenging)
    Relevant (lead to important, suitable results and contributions)
    Time-Sensitive (deadline driven)

  3. Harnessing Your “Power of One”

    Your thoughts, words, and actions are like individual notes that work in concert to create the power of one person – YOU – to make a difference. You can harness your “power of one” if you simply:

    Catch one negative thought and turn it into a positive one;
    Think of one thing for which you are grateful at the beginning of each day;

    Say one “Fantastic!” when a friend or team member asks how you are doing;

    Assume the best in one upcoming situation;

    Keep on moving one more time when you experience adversity;

    Help one friend or colleague in a time of need – and take pride in it.

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