Swarming Leadership – Explained

A poster with twelve species of flowers or clu...

No one tells the bee which flower to sit on

In an earlier post on Swarming – Imperatives for the Business World we had covered various facets of how swarming can be applied to businesses. We got some pertinent queries during our in house webinar. Some issues are explained for better application of the concept.

The bees appear to be moving around the flowers in a distributed manner each with a sense of purpose to gather the nectar. Once done they dutifully reach their hives through a maze of complex routes and serve their offerings to the queen bee and return to perform the same task with the same energy. Ants do a similar routine. No one tells the bees or ants the “how” of collecting their goodies and  bringing it back for meeting with the fraternity’s larger needs. Science calls this innate behaviour. A sense developed overtime which then gets genetically coded.

In businesses, most of the leaders spend all their energies in explaining to the teams the “how” of the task in hand and not the “why” . These organisations thus operate in a vacuum questioning “What does the boss want”?. Unlike the queen bee which appears to be having a whale of a time watching the bees at work, these leaders never explain the intent with a clarity. It is the Intent which unleashes the creativity of the team to perform the task in a cross functional and multi dynamic way.

THAT is the difference between innate behaviors and structured patterned beliefs. The leaders who spend adequate time, energy and effort in crystallizing the intent, the way queen bee does, and have the ability to convey this to the team unambiguously create innate look alike teams full of enthusiasm and a sense of purpose. They explore their creativity to charter their paths to blue oceans and find simple but enduring answers to complex problems at hand. They work within the intent of the leader and empower themselves with in the directive style of leadership. The paradigms now change. Each member becomes a power house exploring and experimenting through unchartered territories to evolve out of the box solutions.

Swarms thus are possible only when the Intent is unambiguous and the leadership module is willing to trust his team.



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